Food Processing Industry

We are specialized in processing different types of edible African products.  

Who are we?


Foodcare is a company founded and based in Luanda-Angola. We are specialized in processing different types of organic products, such as: Egusi, Pondu(Saka-saka), mushrooms, peanut butter, mopane worms, etc.

The brand of our products is “mavu” that means earth in Kimbundu, one of Angolan’s national languages.

Why earth?

Because we can’t ignore it when it comes to food’s quality. Our slogan is food safety, we have worked with SGS in ways to achieve the quality of excellence for our products and make them suitable to export oversea.

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Client Testimonials

“I'm a doctor, I have a very busy routine, using foodcare's product made my life easier, Me and my family we love our tradional food, but it was so complicated for me to cook it because it was somehow time consuming, but now with foodcare's product everything is smooth.”

Deodeth carvalho

“A friend of mine introduced me the products, at first I was refusing to buy it, because I was afraid it was over processed, and I thougth that probably they add chemicals on it, but after getting to know more and trying it I realized that I was wrong, and to be honest I can't live without it anymore.”

Wizana Pedro

“I love food, and I love to cook, I found foodcare's product at local supermakert, and I decided to give a try, my wife was suprised how fast I could finish three different dishes, then she understood why, foodcare's product are much easier to cook and the taste is really good.

Patrick Akobeto

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